Our Workroom

Work RoomThere are many advantages to having our onsite workroom. But what are the benefits for our customers?

Pre Installation:

  • Accuracy - Plans are mapped out and quantified using software designed specifically for the flooring industry 
  • Best layout - Your carpet is prepared to precise plans in our workroom, ensuring any unavoidable joins are kept to a minimum and optimally positioned 
  • Less Waste - By quantifying and cutting your carpet in our workroom prior to installation, we are able to minimise carpet wastage 
  • Reduced Cost - Overall purchase and installation costs are significantly reduced for our clients
  • Higher quality joins - We achieve better joins on our purpose-built workroom floor than a carpet layer can in your home on underlay
  • Better installation - The quality of your carpet installation job is increased by the layer not having to worry about positioning of joins and reducing the number of joins need to be made at site level. This way our carpet layers can concentrate on what they do best - laying your carpet
  • Less time required onsite - disruption to our client’s home is reduced as the installation of their carpet can be competed more efficiently