Carpet Installation

Carpet Installation

Will Joins be visible?

When two pieces of carpet need to be joined together a seam is created. A number of elements influence the visible appearance of joins:


  • Planning and layout according tom the floor plan - sources of light etc
  • Texture and construction of carpet
  • Carpet pattern and design
  • Pile lay - angle and direction
  • Dye Lot consistency


  • Type of underlay
  • seaming tape and seaming iron temperature
  • Installer expertise

It should be kept in mind that even a well formed seam may be visible. However, the important point is that the seam should not detract from the overall appearance of the carpet installation


An underlay is essential to the performance life of the carpet and a quality carpet deserves a quality underlay.

Carpet with underlay improves:

  • Aesthetic appeal
  • walking comfort and safety
  • Appearance retention of the carpet structure
  • Thermal and acoustic performance

An underlay made from either from rebond foam, rubber, natural fibre or reconstituted textile is suitable for use with all machine made carpets.

The choice of underlay mainly depends on the volume and type of usage and, the level of comfort required.  In addition, the underlay weight, density and thickness all contribute to walking fatigue reduction, sound absorption, thermal insulation and a reduced level of injury when falls occur

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