Frequently Asked Questions

In order to know the actual amount of carpet you need to purchase, you have to consider the size of the floor you would want to carpet. To get an accurate measurement it depends on which direction the carpet runs in your house and where the joins are placed. However you can use our calculator to work out a guide on how much carpet you need.

Soft and warm underfoot, carpet is the flooring of choice for many homes. Its level of comfort makes it a great choice for bedrooms, living areas, in fact anywhere that you want luxury underfoot. Carpet is available in a wide range of colours, textures and patterns, and also has the advantage of being a very good heat and noise insulator. You can choose from different styles, fibres and colours that will all help achieve the look you want and the way you live.

The floor is often called the fifth wall of a home as it takes up a huge amount room in your home. As such many people choose their carpet first when deciding on their colour schemes and then base their paint schemes around that. The reason this works is that there are thousands of paint colours and it is easy to find a shade that matches your carpet. Even if you decide on your carpet early on, it should be installed as the last thing you do when renovating so that it doesn't get damaged.

We are part of the most powerful buying group in the country so we have great finance options available for you every day of the year at every of The Floor Stores’ through GE Creditline. You might want to spread out the cost of your new carpet, or if you are doing the house up for sale you might want to pay for it after the house has sold, or just use finance options to get that floor that you just absolutely fell in love with. Come instore and talk to one of our people today about how we can help you love where you live.

Timber flooring is made with a real timber layer on top of a HDF core and offers all the advantages of traditional flooring, without the dust and coating fumes associated with solid timber installations. However if you love that timber floor look but are concerned about durability, or the budget, there are laminate floors. They are shaped like timber flooring but the top layer is actually a photograph. They are beautiful but also very tough and easy to clean. Perfect if you have a busy family and pets.